Mission Presentations


mission-educationChurches can have a difficult time catching a vision for mission without first-hand reports from people who have been involved in mission. Finding the right person to preach, present a "Minute for Mission," speak to a Sunday School class, or meet with the mission committee is important. WMI can advise you on finding the appropriate mission speaker for your congregation or event.

Mission Partner: If your church is directly supporting a mission worker or is partnered with a church or presbytery in another part of the world, you are encouraged to invite the missionary or someone from your partnership to visit and share about the work they are doing. Many mission workers schedule annual or bi-annual trips to the United States or to their home churches for this purpose.

Missionary from Area Church: Churches in your area may be supporting a missionary who is planning a trip to their church. Speak to the mission committees at surrounding churches about how your mission committee can become involved in either supporting this individual or scheduling to hear from this mission worker. This may be a long-term or short-term volunteer, an individual or a team, but all would offer an opportunity for your committee, small group, or congregation to hear about mission experiences!

Presbyterian Mission Co-worker: Some of the Presbyterian mission workers are home on interpretation assignment. Feel free to contact and invite them to speak at your church. For a listing of the speakers currently available, please go to the PC (USA) Mission Connections website. Speakers are listed by name and by state. Please note: The church or inviting body must pay the travel expenses (mileage, meals, lodging) incurred by the mission worker. If a mission worker is still under appointment, then no honorarium is expected or required. If the mission speaker has ended his or her term of service, or is retired, then an honorarium is appropriate. Talk about this with the mission worker when you first contact him or her, and be sure to follow through.

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Students: The PTS international students are a great resource and so are students who have travelled on a recent WMI Trip.  To arrange for a PTS student to visit your congregation, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You or Your Mission Team: One of the most important aspects of a mission trip is the follow-up when you return. Sharing your or your groups' experience is vital! Consider scheduling an event for you or your mission team to speak about the trip. This could be a luncheon after church, a Sunday School class, a special event, or even a fundraiser for the next mission trip. Remember that processing the experience through journaling, prayer, and group discussion, and that taking the time to "re-enter" is necessary and invaluable for everyone involved. You may also consider reading When God's People Travel Together Volume II: Reflecting and Acting on Mission Trip Experiences (PDS Item #7027099022).

WMI staff:  We are available to preach, teach, or consult in a variety of settings such as presbyteries, sessions, mission committees, retreats, church school classes, and mission conferences. Contact us today to schedule a visit to your church!


Sample Presentations 


Here are some presentations our staff can offer to your church or conference. These are available for you to look at and use in your own congregation. They also give you an idea of what kind of workshops WMI has to offer.

Theological Touchstones for Mission

This is an educational resource that is excellent for use as an opening devotional for mission committees and sessions.
Outline / Study Guide / PowerPoint Presentation 

Motivating Your Congregation for Missions

If you feel like you are alone as a mission advocate in your congregation, this will help you (or your mission committee) develop a strategy to light a fire for mission.
Outline / PowerPoint Presentation  

And God Said "Go!"

This resource is designed to help a mission committee understand the three basic aspects of its work.
PowerPoint Presentation  

Learning from the Majority Church

If we want to learn how to evangelize, then we need to look to our brothers and sisters around the world and learn from them.
PowerPoint Presentation 

Planning a Short-Term Mission Trip

This presentation outlines the basic elements of short-term mission trips and will help to get you started in planning yours.
PowerPoint Presentation 

Maximizing Short-Term Mission Trips

This PowerPoint teaches how to help congregations gain the most benefit from sending short-term mission teams.
PowerPoint Presentation 

Top 10 Reasons to Go on a Short-Term Mission Trip

This PowerPoint explores the various motivations for participating in a mission trip and indicates why short-term mission is so vital for churches.
PowerPoint Presentation 

What in the World is God Doing?

This presentation pictures some of the amazing things God is doing in the world.
PowerPoint Presentation 

Mission Education: Ideas and Resources

This PowerPoint will share best practices and web resources for making people more aware of what God is doing in the world.
PowerPoint Presentation

Concert of Prayer: The Role of Prayer in Mission

This PowerPoint will guide you and your class or small group through learning about the vital role of prayer in mission, followed by a one hour concert of prayer. 
PowerPoint Presentation